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    Taral Networks supplies Vodafone Netherlands with AirNgine product line to optimize MMS delivery


    AirNgine MMS push server and message router installed to enhance MMS service offering

    Taral Networks, provider of messaging infrastructure to mobile telecoms operators and service providers, today announced that Vodafone Netherlands has licensed Taral Networks’ AirNgine solutions for delivery of application-to-person multi-media messages.

    Specifically, Vodafone Netherlands utilizes Taral Networks’ AirNgine MMS Push Server (MPS) version 2.1 to ensure timely bulk delivery of “perishable” application-to-person (A2P) MMS, and employs AirNgine MMS Message Router (MMR) version 1.1 to balance A2P and person-to-person (P2P) messaging. This combination of AirNgine products enables Vodafone Netherlands to deliver high-capacity event-based MMS, ensuring the messages are fully valued by their subscribers. Both licensed AirNgine solutions are fully installed and operational.

    “The ability for subscribers to receive event-based MMS within minutes of the action taking place is key for operators to generate revenue for A2P MMS,” said Vinit Nijhawan, president and CEO of Taral Networks. “Because traditional MMS delivery infrastructure was designed for P2P messaging, it is not equipped to provide the messaging throughput required for timely delivery of bulk A2P MMS. Our AirNgine product line was able to resolve that throughput issue for Vodafone Netherlands, enabling the company to further enhance its Vodafone Live Alert services.”