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    Radioplan first to optimise HSDPA


    Radioplan, the leading independent vendor of 3G radio network optimisation and simulation solutions, today announced the world’s first commercial simulation and optimisation toolset for WCDMA’s High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA).

    As part of the newly released feature set of WiNeS 3.1, the latest version of Radioplan’s widely used 3G optimisation solution, HSDPA simulation and optimisation capabilities put the WiNeS toolset at the forefront of current technology.
    “We are happy that Radioplan is able to continually lead the way in the field of network optimisation”, said Dietrich Hunold, Radioplan’s Technical Director. “Our innovations are primarily driven by customer feedback on future needs, and that means we are ready to serve those needs in a timely fashion, ensuring that commercial objectives can be achieved”.

    Radioplan’s WiNeS optimisation solution, which is currently in commercial use both within operator groups and major vendors, is also used as part of several professional services projects currently supplied directly to mobile operators by Radioplan. This broad experience has allowed Radioplan’s engineers to understand the challenges facing network engineers in practical environments.
    “Practical thinking and customer focus is at the heart of everything we do at Radioplan,” said Hunold, “and exposure to the real problems of the end user feeds naturally into our development process, ensuring that the WiNeS toolset addresses highly complex tasks in an easy-to-use fashion”.

    WiNeS 3.1 also includes the latest versions of several vendor specific RRM algorithms, import and export capabilities for both Motorola’s Netplan and Xenicom’s Odyssey planning tools, advanced support for neighbour list optimisation, support for a variety of languages, and many additional analysis functions.

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