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    NetTest Launches CMA 3000…


    …NetTest Launches CMA 3000 and Secures First Order

    NetTest, a leading worldwide provider of testing, monitoring and management solutions for advanced and converged networks, today announced the launch of its CMA 3000, its next-generation field tester for mobile networks. The launch is further reinforced by a major mobile operator placing the first order.

    The CMA 3000 is NetTest’s new portable, compact and user-friendly all-in-one field tester for mobile networks designed specifically for technicians who install and maintain mobile-access, fixed-access and transmission networks, and switching. The NetTest CMA 3000 has the unique ability to maintain and optimise existing networks and test networks while they are in operation, allowing operators to pinpoint problems faster and subsequently reduce network downtime.

    The intuitive, scalable platform of the CMA 3000 increases testing flexibility and reliability at the same time improving operational productivity. The scalable platform also provides operators with an unrivalled upgrade path as needs and network technologies develop, enabling operators to slash capital investment.

    “We’re proud to announce the launch of the CMA 3000 and that we have secured our first order. This gives us a strong foundation for further expanding our market position within field testers for mobile and fixed networks”, says Jacob Krogsgaard, vice president of the Networks business unit at NetTest. Krogsgaard adds, “The CMA 3000 builds on the proven know-how and experience of the NetTest Lite 3000 family, one of the world’s most popular field testers. This immediately gives our customers a vast range of features and functionality.”

    About CMA 3000:

    CMA 3000 is NetTest’s next-generation field tester. It’s designed specifically for field technicians who install and maintain mobile-access and fixed-access networks, transmission networks and switching. The CMA 3000 is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, including fast first-aid troubleshooting to comprehensive, in-depth and all-layer analysis of transmission problems.

    The modular design of the CMA 3000 provides operators with a clear and cost-effective upgrade path. This allows operators to expand the CMA 3000 from a full-featured transmission line quality tester into an advanced signalling analyser.

    CMA 3000 highlights:
    – GSM, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, ATM, IP and Frame Relay testing
    – Test interfaces for SDH, PDH, Ethernet and data interfaces
    – Intuitive user interface, with large colour touch-screen display and easy-to-understand graphical symbols
    – Comprehensive out-of-service testing for installation, provisioning and propagation time analysis
    – In-service, bi-directional monitoring at all speeds for fast troubleshooting, traffic monitoring, identification of synchronisation problems and error performance measurement
    – Performance analysis
    – Physical line monitoring
    – Easy-to-install options
    – Powered by a high-capacity LiIon battery

    CMA 3000 is available from 1st September 2004.

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