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    Openwave launches 3G video voicemail and video portal


    Consumers  can  now  create  their own personal video greeting  on  their  mobile phones for any of the different people in their life–from  a  boyfriend  or girlfriend to a supervisor at work to a family member. 

    At  Demo  Mobile today, Openwave Systems, the
    leading   provider   of   open  software  products  and  services  for  the communications  industry,  announced  the  availability  of  Openwave Video Voicemail  and  Openwave  Video Portal, to help operators offer an enhanced and personalised user experience for 3G networks and phones.

    Openwave  Video  Voicemail  and Portal will make it easier for operators to drive  the much-needed awareness and adoption of 3G services, by delivering an  intuitive  user  experience for all of their 3G services. Operators can benefit  from an easy-to-implement technology that consolidates a number of
    their  services  onto  one  platform  (voicemail, video voicemail and video content).

    “The lesson that the industry at large has learned from gaming and entertainment applications is that personalisation is key for driving revenue in the operator community,”  said Richard Wong, general manager of messaging at Openwave. “By giving end users the option to leave different types of video messages for different people in their social network or work environment, operators can perfect the user experience by giving users a voice and character thats truly their own.  As a result, operators can attract and keep subscribers with this service.”

    Examples of customised video greetings, which users can modify for different audiences, include:

    – Designing a personal greeting that allows subscribers to record themselves. Examples include a parent recording a message for their child away on an overnight stay at camp where the child gets the message, “Goodnight honey. I will see you tomorrow.” A business case scenario is recording a video for a supervisor with the message, “I am away from the
    office please leave me a message.”
    – Among the celebrity greeting options, users can opt to select “Dirty arry” with a video voicemail of Client Eastwood saying “You’ve got to ask yourself a question–Do I feel lucky?” to their boyfriend/girlfriend or friend.
    – For gaming buddies, they can pick a character, like Avatar or a character from Doom, to leave their messages and the “animation” will lip synch the message with the end users voice recorded.

    Openwave Video Voicemail differs from other video solutions on the market because it offers more than just a traditional “record-and-send” video message. Received in a similar fashion as a voicemail greeting, Openwave Video Voicemail offers a highly personalised greeting that allows users to
    personalise different video images for any audience and also provides a video tutorial that guides the end user through the set-up of the new service. The service activates when users make a phone call and the receiving party does not pick up.

    Openwaves Video Voicemail and Video Portal are part of Openwaves IP-based voice messaging platform, which allows operators to run multiple services, making it easier to integrate the products needed to deliver an intuitive messaging experience.  Openwaves messaging products are designed with all subscribers in mind so subscribers on legacy phones will still receive multimedia and video messages in a format best designed for their handset.

    “Openwave is helping operators attract new users and build loyalty with existing customers by offering the newest applications and services supported by third generation networks or 3G.” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO conferences.  “When it comes to wireless data,
    consumers demand personalization; Openwave is taking data services beyond gaming, ringtones, and wallpapers to the next generation of messaging where end users can personalize the messaging experience through video messaging.”

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