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    mobilkom austria first to cring Push-to-Talk to Austria


    Telekom Austria’s mobile communications subsidiary, mobilkom austria, today announced the start of a customer friendly “push-to-talk” test trial, becoming the first mobile provider in Austria to launch the initiative. Following extensive testing with several manufacturers during the past months, mobilkom austria’s customers can now try out push-to-talk technology free of charge. Feedback from these selected customers will help shape the final product design, in order to optimally meet customer needs.

    “Push-to-talk” is attracting increasing international attention and has long been on the market in the USA. This new voice transmission technology works similarly to a walkie-talkie: all it takes is the push of a button on the mobile phone, and you are instantly connected to one or more recipients. Push-to-talk transmits voice in packet form via GPRS. The connection is made instantly, considerably simplifying phone conferencing, announcements, as well as casual conversations among friends.

    Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, Chief Operating Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Officer said: “We want to offer our customers innovative products, services and additional features. Both business as well as private customers – especially young people – can benefit from this product’s added value and usefulness.”

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