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    Comptel Launches New Release of Convergent Mediation Product


    Comptel Corporation, leading convergent mediation and provisioning software vendor, has today introduced its new Comptel EventLink mediation product release to further enhance operator’s usage information management, usability and revenue recovery

    The new feature rich, multi-vendor mediation platform version is available for customers during third quarter 2004. Comptel EventLink 5 is part of Comptel’s Operations Support Systems (OSS) product family including solutions for pre- and post-paid usage charging as well as subscriber and service activation and real-time rating. With the regular introduction of major product releases Comptel’s objective is to strengthen it’s leading position by being always a step ahead of competition.

    “Thanks to working with our many active customers, we have been able to reach a new level of sophistication in mediation systems. This release brings a wealth of architectural and functional improvements that help our customers to conduct their business more efficiently,” said Katri Sahlman, Senior Vice President, Products and Solutions, Comptel Corporation. “The changes and enhancements were introduced according to the customers needs from various mobile, fixed and cable operators worldwide. As examples needs are varying from the high-level overview of rejected usage records to the flexible method of distributing the solution to several new hosts.

    Since the efficiency in all operations is extremely important for today’s telecom operators, smoother day-to-day operation became one of the main themes in Comptel EventLink 5”.

    From the business perspective, the mediation software’s added value for the customers lies in the optimisation of day-to-day service usage collection, enrichment, delivery and charging costs.  Comptel EventLink 5 provides the required flexibility for supporting the operators business in a changing environment.

    For all customers, Comptel EventLink 5 offers a feature rich, multi-vendor mediation platform with swift installation. With over 200 off-the-shelf interfaces a fast integration to any vendor’s network or OSS/BSS is possible. The future proof mediation solution does not require unfounded upfront investments as it scales flexibly. Resource consumption is optimised for small and mid-frame as well as large systems. When an operator expands, Comptel EventLink 5 is adaptable to any new service or network. This provides remarkable savings in operational costs.

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