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    TIM launches GSM/EDGE data card


    Sierra Wireless and Onda team to provide solution

    Sierra Wireless today announced it has signed an agreement with Onda Communication Spa to distribute a new EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) wireless wide area network PC Card for use on the Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) GSM, GPRS  and EDGE Network. This commercial launch of the ONDA EDGE/GPRS N775 PC Card marks the worldwide premiere of Sierra Wireless’ EDGE product line.

    The ONDA N775, manufactured by Sierra Wireless, is a third-generation (3G) quad-band wireless wide area network card operating on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies, which allows for worldwide roaming on GSM, GPRS, and EDGE networks. It offers typical data speeds of between 100 and 130 kbps, with bursts of up to 216 kbps when used on EDGE networks – up to three times the speed of a GPRS connection. The card is also compatible with existing GSM and GPRS networks, for widespread access in areas where an EDGE network is not available.

    “We are committed to providing our customers with industry leading wireless products to improve efficiencies, and developing products for faster wireless wide area networking technologies like EDGE is a key part of that commitment,” said Derek Evans, Vice President and Managing Director for Sierra Wireless, EMEA. “We are pleased to join forces with Onda Communication to deliver EDGE data services to mobile professionals in Italy.”

    “Sierra Wireless has established a reputation for developing products that offer best-in-class performance and reliability,” said Michelangelo Agrusti Marketing and Sales Senior Vice President for Onda Communication. “The ONDA N775 card offers key performance features, such as quad-band operation for the widest possible global roaming capability and Multislot Class 12 for the fastest possible data transfer rates, that make it the best choice for more demanding wireless data users.”

    The ONDA EDGE/GPRS N775 PC Card can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Windows-based notebook computers or handheld devices with a Type II PC Card slot. Other features include:
        *    Quad-band operation for roaming worldwide
        *    Multislot Class 12 functionality for maximum possible data transfer rates
        *    Average connection speeds of 100 kbps to 130 kbps, with bursts up to 216 kbps
        *    True Network Interface Card (NIC) operation, plus Dial-Up Networking (DUN) modes
        *    Field firmware upgradeable.

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