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    Volantis launches version three of messaging server


    Volantis, the worlds leading supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions, announces the immediate availability of Message Preparation Server (MPS) version 3.

    With MPS, mobile network operators and content providers can broadcast a single message from one platform in multiple message formats such as WAP push, MMS, SMS and HTML email.

    MPS intelligently adapts the message to support the full capabilities of individual devices such as screen size, colour, multi-media and message type support.  Over 1000 individual devices are supported.

    “Intelligent message fallback” can be used to adapt each message to a simpler message-type if an advanced type is not supported. For example, MPS will automatically deliver an SMS text message if a mobile device does not support MMS messages. MPS also has a call-out API providing the ability to reference customer management systems or unique device identification systems to discover user device type or preferences.

    Uniquely, MPS can create a dynamic web page for every WAP push, which enables content providers and operators to create dynamic applications such as offering different content for different device types.

    When combined with Volantis Multi-Channel Server (MCS), MPS seamlessly integrates messaging with web browsing to deliver powerful integrated “closed loop” mobile solutions from a single platform. Content providers can market their mobile services more effectively by sending compelling messages that seamlessly connect subscribers’ web browsers to their web sites.  For example, subscribers could receive a video clip trailer in an XHTML MMS that links directly to a dynamically generated, personalised web page where the full video clip can be securely downloaded. This could trigger an SMS or email to be sent with a loyalty points statement.

    MPS integrates with Volantis Distributed Services Broker (DSB) and dynamic content integration capabilities within MCS to enable content to be automatically ingested in to MPS for delivery of messages. MPS can pass prepared messages back, or onward, to third party systems and interfaces to any proprietary message delivery mechanisms by using pluggable APIs.

    “Having a single platform that delivers across the different mobile communications channels provides a tremendous opportunity for the marketing, discovery and monetization of valuable content,” says Mark Watson, CEO of Volantis. “To be able to intelligently adapt content to these channels and the full capabilities of devices provides a high quality user experience that will drive data service revenues. For content providers and operators, a single-platform, device-independent approach drives down cost and complexity whilst allowing innovative services to be built.”

    MPS Feature Highlights:

    1.    A cost-effective, unified messaging platform – providing integrated and targeted messaging across all messaging channels
    2.    Comprehensive message-type support – including WAP push, MMS (SMIL and XHTML), SMS, HTML email
    3.    Compelling message content – optimised for over 1000 devices from a single message definition, via the proven Intelligent Content Adaptation capabilities of Volantis Multi-Channel Server
    4.    Flexible, open architecture – for easy, plug-in integration with all types of message delivery protocols and optional 3rd party message delivery channels
    5.    Dynamic content and mobile data services integration  – using Volantis Distributed Service Broker and Multi-Channel Server

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