Key distribution partners deliver the Voq phone to mobile professionals in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, the Nordics, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom

    Sierra Wireless today announced that the Voq Professional Phone, a Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphone developed by Sierra Wireless, is now commercially available across Europe through key distribution partners. The phone is now available to purchase from A & C Systems in Belgium, Luxemburg, and The Netherlands; from BagLAN in Turkey; from Cedros in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland; from Daimler in the Nordics; from Dangaard Telecom in Western Europe; from Hugh Symons Mobile Computing and from Yes Telecom in the United Kingdom; from Speeka in Italy; and from Xacom Comunicaciones in France and Spain.

    “Today’s announcement marks a milestone in the launch of the Voq Professional Phone – widespread availability throughout Europe,” said Derek Evans, Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA for Sierra Wireless. “We are pleased to build upon our relationships with these partners and to deliver the phone to mobile professionals in Europe, who are looking for a simple solution to help them stay connected with clients and keep current corporate and personal information close at hand while out of the office.”

    The Voq Professional Phone is a new class of mobile phone that offers the best features of a mobile phone, a personal messaging device, and a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The product offers a flip-open QWERTY thumbpad and easy-to-use software solutions, including VoqMail, a secure, “Always There” e-mail solution that requires no additional enterprise server or desktop redirector software to purchase, install, and maintain. The unique, easy and powerful myVoq software enables predictive search, storage, and sending of information.

    “Sierra Wireless is an established leader in providing mobile professionals with tools to help them improve their productivity,” said Bruno Lisen, Chief Executive Officer of A & C Systems. “The Voq Professional Phone demonstrates the evolution of that expertise, and we are pleased to offer it to our customers today.”

    “The combination of mobile phone, messaging device, and PDA functions available in the Voq Professional Phone make it an excellent value,” said Necdet Kabil, Managing Director of BagLAN. “It allows our mobile customers to meet all their connectivity needs with one tool that is simple to carry and use.”

    “We have seen growing demand for Smartphones in Germany, and we are pleased to build upon our relationship with Sierra Wireless to deliver the Voq Professional Phone to the German market,” said Markus Michels, Managing Director for Cedros. “With the phone’s unique features and the strength of the Sierra Wireless name, we are confident that mobile professionals will consider it their first choice.”

    “The Voq Professional Phone is an innovative solution for mobile professionals looking for a single tool to meet their need for reliable voice and data connectivity,” said Ib Bronnum, Chairman of Daimler Mobile Partner. “We are pleased to work with Sierra Wireless to deliver the phone to our customers today.”

    “Timely access to email and critical corporate information can make a significant difference in both the business and personal lives of mobile professionals,” said Alfred Blank, Managing Director of Dangaard Telecom, “The Voq Professional Phone allows them to access up to date company information and stay in touch with both colleagues and family from anywhere.”

    “There has been tremendous interest in the Voq Professional Phone since it was first announced,” said Andrew Baxendine, Commercial Director for Hugh Symons Mobile Computing. “The reputation Sierra Wireless has developed for producing high-performing, reliable wireless network products, and backing them up with industry leading technical support, makes the Voq Professional Phone an attractive choice for our customers.” 

     “Our customers are looking for simple, efficient ways to improve their productivity in today’s competitive business environment, and the Voq Professional Phone is well-positioned to fill this need,” said Ppaolo Poli, Chief Executive Officer of Speeka. “Its unique features make it easy to set up and efficient to use, and we expect it to fill an important niche for mobile professionals in the Italian market.”

    “We are pleased to expand our Sierra Wireless product line to offer the Voq Professional Phone to the French and Spanish market,” said Luis Santos, Managing Director for Xacom Comunicaciones. “Our business customers have come to trust Sierra Wireless to deliver high-quality, reliable data connectivity through their AirCard wireless PC cards, and the Voq phone combines that data expertise with superior voice functionality in a package we think customers will find appealing.”

    “With the flip-open QWERTY thumbpad and unique software solutions like VoqMail and myVoq, the Voq Professional Phone offers a compelling solution for our business customers,” said Keith Curran, Managing Director for Yes Telecom. “It offers mobile professionals a simple, efficient, and intuitive way to allow them to complete tasks on the move, all while staying connected to their head office.”

    Powered by an Intel Xscale processor, the Voq Professional Phone is based on Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software and offers a rich telephony experience with the addition of a unique flip-open QWERTY thumbpad. The Voq Professional Phone provides:
        *    Phone-first capabilities with the power of a PDA and ability to synchronize contacts, calendars, and tasks to a Windows-based computer;
        *    The best features of mobile phone, messaging device, and PDA in a single phone – resulting in lower cost, ease-of-use, and need for fewer devices;
        *    Out-of-the-box personal and corporate e-mail solutions, including POP3, IMAP4, and Microsoft ActiveSync for wireless synchronization to Microsoft Exchange 2003; 
        *    Powerful search, send and storage capabilities with myVoq, which also offers the ability to enhance business applications and mobile web services;
        *    The ultimate e-mail experience with VoqMail Professional Edition, which offers secure, “Always There” e-mail and alerts, supporting standard, broadly deployed VPN and business e-mail systems including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Novell GroupWise software.

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