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    EETT’s number portability powered by Telcordia


    Telcordia Technologies, a global provider of telecommunications software and services, today announced that Greece’s National Telecommunications and Post Commission, also known as EETT, has successfully launched the Telcordia Number Portability Clearinghouse solution, which has now been in operation for six months, enabling fixed line and mobile number portability for all service providers in Greece. 

    The solution, which went fully operational for mobile customers in April 2004 and for fixed line customers in June 2004, puts Greece in compliance with the European Union number portability mandate and, ultimately, provides all Greek residents with more choice.

    “Telcordia’s clearinghouse solution enables EETT to effectively manage the complexity and the speed at which number porting transactions must be processed,” said Emmanuel Giakoumakis, President of the EETT. “Now, Greek consumers have unprecedented competitive choice for fixed line and mobile service and service providers can embrace new market opportunities and new revenue streams.”

    Part of a five-year exclusive contract, the Telcordia solution enables fixed line and mobile number portability to Greece’s 14 million phone lines, including 5.5 million fixed line and 10 million mobile lines.  Telcordia and its in-country regional subcontractor, Spirit S.A., have worked closely with EETT and Greek carriers to get relevant business processes agreed upon, integrated and fully implemented.

    “We are pleased to be part of this successful implementation for EETT that will have lasting impact on customer service and competition in Greece’s telecommunications market,” said Nikos Skarpetis, General Manager, Spirit S.A.

    Telcordia’s Number Portability Clearinghouse is a highly scalable software system that addresses the inherent challenges in number porting. Implemented to support all service providers in Greece, Telcordia’s solution enables flow-through automation for the porting of numbers in and out of wireline and wireless carriers’ networks with trouble-free efficiency. The Telcordia solution offers multiple standard interfaces for service providers to automate their flow through for the porting process as well as direct access to the clearinghouse. Telcordia’s regional subcontractor, Spirit S.A., operates the data center that serves as the in-country clearinghouse and provides first-level support, help desk support, training and other support services to Greek service providers.

    “Number portability provides telecommunications service providers worldwide with opportunities to capture greater market share and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction,” said Mary Turney, President, Operations and Network Solutions, Telcordia. “The Telcordia solution seamlessly handles the complex technological process of porting numbers and ensures that it is handled quickly, efficiently and accurately, allowing telecommunications service providers to focus on their core business – their customers.”

    This implementation reflects the significant momentum Telcordia has achieved in global markets as well as its leadership in number portability.  Through its innovative Elementive‰ approach, Telcordia provides fixed line and mobile Service Providers with flexible, standards-based, robust software that helps them deliver high-quality, reliable voice and data services across multiple networks and technologies.

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