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    Mobitex enhanced for private networks


    At today’s Mobitex Association and Networking Conference, Mobitex Technology AB is announcing a significantly enhanced product portfolio and a new packaged offering for small private wireless data networks. Mobitex has long been established as a proven and extremely reliable technology for large public wireless data networks. Mobitex Technology AB is now enhancing its product portfolio to meet the increased demand for dedicated private or semi-private networks, covering industrial areas and serving a defined group of users in prioritized segments such as emergency services, transport and machine-to-machine communications (M2M).

    “This is a new phase for Mobitex. Continuous improvements and new functionality will ensure that Mobitex will remain a leading-edge technology that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of business users,” notes Andrew Fitton, CEO at Mobitex Technology AB.

    “With the addition of the new compact BRU1 base station and the smaller MSN switch, we are further simplifying the network elements for use in small networks and optimizing them to interface seamlessly with standard IP components. Outstanding features, including the new radio priority function, will enable us to deliver wireless data network solutions highly suitable for mission-critical applications”
    To ensure a competitive offering for small private networks, a new pricing structure is being introduced. Optimization of the key network elements allows hardware costs to be greatly reduced, while software licensing costs are being aligned to the number of users in a typical private network, resulting in a packaged offering that will make Mobitex even more attractive, not only in terms of low investment costs, but also for cost-efficient operation.

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