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    Chrysalis Mobile launches “music2mobile” branded content services


    The Carphone Warehouse selects music2mobile for in-store content proposition

    Chrysalis Mobile has launched the music2mobile range of branded content for delivery to mobile phones. music2mobile content will be promoted through both online channels and also through physical retail outlets. The Carphone Warehouse will be the first major retailer to launch and offer music2mobile products through its UK stores.

    music2mobile content will be available through Web and mobile WAP sites but will principally comprise a range of branded physical products promoted directly through point-of-sale positions in major high street retail partners.

    The market for mobile ring tones for 2005 is variously forecast at over $2 billion in Western Europe. However, the market is rapidly shifting from monophonic and polyphonic ringtones towards ‘real tones’ – actual elements of songs requiring master rights access, a core area of expertise for Chrysalis. In parallel, the means of marketing mobile music content to consumers has started to shift towards clearer, higher-quality propositions coupled with endorsement by major brands.

    While short-code texting and Internet portals have historically been the main channels for requesting mobile content, the opportunity to reach the consumer more directly through retail presence is a logical extension, particularly given the increasing desire of many retail brands to raise their association with music.

    music2mobile content is programmed on a weekly basis by Chrysalis Mobile’s creative team. The team has historically worked as the creative liaison between record labels and the various Chrysalis radio brands (eg Heart, Galaxy) and music2mobile products will leverage this expertise to ensure content evolves to meet current consumer tastes across target audiences.

    The music2mobile launch offering consists of three products:

    ” Playlist – full physical catalogue of tunes across seven genres. Content can be requested directly by texting to short-codes, accessing via a music2mobile-powered WAP portal or over-the-counter instore using pin-code activation.
    ” Genre Cards – seven individual cards updated monthly, containing ten leading songs within a specific music category; these cards are paid for over-the-counter and the consumer can then select multiple content items from the card list.
    ” Monthly Theme Cards – individual cards promoting official content (including real tones and wallpapers) from a specific artist and negotiated directly with labels; the consumer purchases the card over-the-counter and selects their favourite content for download.
    ” Monthly Tone Chart – a Top 20, instore ring tone chart updated fortnightly. Content can be requested directly by texting to short-codes, accessing via a music2mobile-powered WAP portal.

    The content offered through music2mobile products will cover all format types, including Ring Tones (Monophonic / Polyphonic tones), Real Instrumentals (high quality, full-music content), Real Tones (official artist content) and Images. Full song downloads will also be added as delivery technology and device penetration allow.