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    UshaComm launches partner based billing package


    UshaComm, a global software technology innovator today announced it has developed and packaged a suite of solutions – UshaComm Business Support Systems – to address two audiences: the Subscriber and the Partner.

    To aid and support subscriber billing, charging and management; and partner billing, charging, and management – UshaComm Business Support Systems was built on the premise that with the availability of 2.5 and 3G technologies and global interoperability the communications market is not just about managing and retaining the subscriber but also having to manage multiples of content, portal, interconnect and roaming agreements with other service providers.

    UshaComm’s end-to-end business portfolio of solutions includes:

    Subscriber Billing and Charging: Unicorn Billing, Real-time rating, Real-time convergent charging, Pegasus Mediation

    Subscriber Management: Customer Care, Activation, Analyst, SLA Manager, Web Self-care

    Partner Billing and Charging: e-merchant, Interconnect Billing System, Roaming

    Partner Management: Partner management, Dealer management

    Services: Professional Services and Managed Services
    Communications service providers can selectively invest in UshaComm’s modular solutions to drive their business today, and select when necessary as their business grows tomorrow.

    UshaComm has built its product suite across the same common architecture with convergent capabilities that is configured rather than customised to enable expansion, while keeping operational overheads to a minimum.

    “UshaComm Business Support Systems have been designed with the ultimate flexibility so the product solutions can be quickly changed to match market trends and movements, to increase and protect communications service provider’s revenue flow and customer base,” commented Bharat Thakker, Managing Director UshaComm.

    “Today’s market is about maintaining long-term relationships by delivering an accurate and efficient service to both the subscriber and partners. Our portfolio has been compiled to enhance subscriber satisfaction and utilise mutually beneficial service agreements with partners”.

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