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    Adax and IntelliNet Join Forces for Advanced Signaling Solutions


    Adax, the industry leader in high performance communications and signaling infrastructure and IntelliNet Technologies, a leading provider of network signaling products and solutions, have strengthened their partnership in EMEA with the announcement of SS7 pre-integrated signaling stacks.  These binary products provide off-the-shelf SS7 solutions for application developers, significantly reducing time to market for applications requiring SS7 such as SMS offload, Location Based Services for 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks, Ring Back Tone, Missed Call Notification and other enhanced services.

    The binary SS7 products integrate the Adax HDC protocol controller and layer 2 software with the IntelliNet MTP3 and higher layers for TCAP, MAP and ISUP SS7 stacks.  IntelliNet’s AcceleroTM SIP together with Adax HDC protocol controller now provides the ability to seamlessly bridge SS7 signaling into the IP world bringing in the choice of SIGTRAN and SIP transports. Development of emerging applications such as Multi-protocol BSC will become significantly easier with this combination. 

    “Network application developers are always looking to reduce their build costs and time-to-market.  This cost-effective SS7 stack does exactly that, “said Robin Kent, Director of European Operations, Adax Europe. “Adax and IntelliNet have a successful history and can now further this partnership in Europe using this new development as the first step into the region.”

    “This field proven combination of infrastructure products are coming together with richer features to deliver unsurpassed value to the telecom application developer. IntelliNet’s commitment to EMEA region is further demonstrated by a dedicated facility that was set up this quarter. “said Anjan Ghosal, President and CEO IntelliNet Technologies.

    “Carrier grade AcceleroTM Application Development Software can support up to 4096 signaling links and allows signaling application portability in a transport independent manner. This binary offering together with Adax HDC, provides a high return on infrastructure investment in a world where innovative services are introduced at a scorching pace.” said Arun Handa, Vice President for Product Management at IntelliNet Technologies.

    The Adax HDC controller is a high density, multiple protocol, fully channelized platform that is ideal for signaling and media gateways, softswitches and SGSN/GGSN nodes for Next Generation Networks.  The card is dynamically configurable and provides up to 128 channels of MTP2, SCTP, LAPB/D/V5, Frame Relay, X.25 or HDLC software in any combination per board.  The HDC is available in PMC and PCI formats and has up to four T1/E1 interfaces.  The PCI card has an option of two Ethernet ports for IP connections.

    IntelliNet’s AcceleroTM Application Development Software (ADS) is a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform for the development of 2G, 2.5G, and 3G wireless and IN applications. Designed to insulate the business logic of applications from the various underlying signaling transports, AcceleroTM ADS speeds development by delivering a signaling-transport independent architecture across IP (Sigtran and SIP) and SS7.  Accelero TM ADS provides the most comprehensive API support in the industry.

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