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    Test company debuts algorithm for real-time video analysis


    Seven.Five with VQuad, introduced by Wireless Test Solutions and SwissQual, is the industry’s first comprehensive test system to provide video measurements/engineering data time synchronization.

    With VQuad, it is now possible to test the wireless performance of popular video streaming applications such as Quick Time, Real Player and Windows Media Player.

    As new 3G phones are made available to conduct live video call and conferencing, Seven.Five with VQuad is already capable of testing this value-added feature.

    Comarco’s unique XP-based SBC (Single-Board Computer) architecture ensures that there is a dedicated computer for each calling module, providing an independent and isolated test platform for each phone. This ensures that the resource-intensive requirements of being able to analyze real-time video quality are fully supported, with no limitations or introductions of artificial degradations. Therefore, multiple phone testing is easily and accurately performed with the peace of mind that the data collected is accurate and precise.

    Pricing for Seven.Five with VQuad starts at around $25,000 (US). Availability is six to eight weeks from receipt of order.

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