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    Bouygues says i-mode subscriptions pass the million mark


    Bouygues Telecom’s i-mode service has passed the one-million customer mark, i.e. 25% of its contract customers.

    The service is attracting a wider variety of users. It is increasingly popular among women, who now account for 40% of its customer base; and young people are no longer the only intensive users of i-mode, as 51% are over 31.

    The general satisfaction rate among users continues to rise, standing at 84%.

    A pioneer of mobile multimedia in France with i-mode, Bouygues Telecom offers easy-to-use, reliable services that are within everyones reach throughout France. Thanks to a virtuous economic model that satisfies content editors, i-mode now provides access to 300 official sites, 3,000 independent sites, a catalogue of over 200 games and 6,000 downloadable videos.

    E-mail usage continues to develop: two-thirds of messages sent by customers have picture or video attachments.

    The most popular services include ring-tone, picture and video downloads, games, sport, news, weather and e-mail/chat.

    Bouygues Telecom capitalises on the opportunity to exchange experiences within the i-mode Alliance, which covers 45 million subscribers in 10 countries and which recently expanded to include the UKs mm02 and Russias MTS.

    Innovative i-mode features introduced since the service was launched:

    ·         November 2002: first mobile multimedia service with colour display and integrated e-mail

    ·         November 2003: first real catalogue of downloadable video games and first localisation service

    ·         June 2004: introduction of video-enabled handsets

    ·         November 2004: launch of Digitalvidéo, a unique call personalisation service using downloaded video clips

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