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    O2 and Research In Motion to launch BlackBerry 7100x


    O2 and RIM have announced the latest addition to O2’s portfolio of BlackBerry products with the introduction of the brand new BlackBerry 7100x. The BlackBerry 7100x is expected to be available in the UK this month.

    The BlackBerry 7100x, developed and manufactured by Research In Motion, is an innovative mobile device that extends the current data choices available to O2 customers, delivering the power of BlackBerry functionality within a sleek and stylish mobile phone design. The new design is aimed at active mobile professionals who need to manage their work wherever they are (nationally or internationally), as well as keep in touch with family and friends, all through one device.

    The BlackBerry 7100x features all the popular BlackBerry applications including advanced phone, messaging, organiser and browsing capabilities. In addition to a large and bright, high-resolution colour screen, the BlackBerry 7100x incorporates an integrated speakerphone that is ideal for conference calls, Bluetooth support for wireless headsets and car-kits and a quad-band radio for international roaming.  It also features a sophisticated piano-black casing with 32MB flash memory, 4MB SRAM and polyphonic ring tone support.

    The BlackBerry 7100x integrates the latest BlackBerry browsing technology providing users with access to a wide range of rich HTML-based Internet content in full and vibrant colour.

    The BlackBerry 7100x features RIM’s breakthrough SureType keyboard technology that converges a phone keypad and a QWERTY keyboard to fit elegantly within the size constraints of a traditional ‘candy bar’ phone design. 

    The integrated keyboard and software system provides users with an instinctively familiar look and feel and allows users to dial phone numbers and type messages quickly, accurately and comfortably. Removing the need for the traditional multi-tap phone approach – SureType fundamentally changes the way people think about typing on mobile phones.

    The BlackBerry 7100x and SureType support various languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish.

    “We are very pleased to add the BlackBerry 7100x to our range of O2 mobile devices,” said Hugh Griffiths, Head of Mobile Data Products and Services, O2. “It’s clear that this device will attract a whole new audience to the BlackBerry platform and demonstrates the very latest technology for both new and established users alike.”

    “The unique functionality of this all-in-one device can cover a multitude of business and personal functions. By combining exceptional phone, email, messaging and browsing capabilities with an extremely effective keyboard and a large, vibrant, colour screen, this device is ideal for customers that prefer the look and feel of a phone but want to extend the use of their handset to include email, web browsing and messaging services,” concludes Griffiths.

    “The BlackBerry 7100x is a significant breakthrough for customers that want advanced phone, messaging and data capabilities in a sleek new design,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at RIM. “The new SureType keyboard technology is an amazing innovation that offers a significant improvement over traditional phone keypads and the BlackBerry 7100x is a very attractive choice for customers looking to upgrade their existing phone.”

    The BlackBerry 7100x weighs 120g and has a battery life (using the standard battery) of over four hours talk time and over eight days standby. A hands-free earpiece, USB cable and standard holster are included. Additional accessories such as holsters and car chargers will also be available and the BlackBerry 7100x supports Bluetooth headset and car-kit profiles.

    For individual users, Internet Mail with BlackBerry will be ideal. Users will be able to integrate their new BlackBerry handset with up to ten business or personal internet-based email accounts without the need for a special server or IT support. It takes just a few steps by the user to get up and running.

    For corporate users, the BlackBerry 7100x can connect to RIM’s enterprise platform – BlackBerry Enterprise Server – supporting secure, wireless email, calendar appointments and other corporate data. The BlackBerry 7100x supports the full functionality of the latest enterprise software version 4.0.

    The BlackBerry 7100x will be available in the UK from all O2 retail stores and direct and indirect business channels, as well as other leading distributors.