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    Electrolux Extends Partnership with Pointsec to Ensure Data Security Across Desktops and Mobile Devices


    Pointsec to provide Electrolux with mobile device encryption

    Pointsec, the worldwide de facto standard for mobile device security, has announced it has extended its partnership with Electrolux AB, the world’s largest producer of appliances and equipment for kitchen, cleaning, and outdoor use. Electrolux has placed an additional order with Pointsec to protect sensitive data stored on desktops and laptops. The order is valued at £318,000 of which £276,000 has been recognised in Q4 2004.

    “As businesses embrace mobile technology, the risks associated with storing information on those devices increase,” said Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec. “At the same time, legislation stipulating the protection of personal data is becoming more rigorous. Enterprises such as Electrolux that are storing sensitive information at the end points of their networks – on mobile devices that are easily lost or stolen, are now further strengthening regulatory compliance by protecting that data.”

    Legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, California Senate Bill 1386, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and The Data Protection Act make the encryption of sensitive information – such as personal data of customers – more important than ever before. Pointsec has designed its industry-leading security solution to be strong, non-intrusive, quick, and seamless, ensuring that confidential data stored on any kind of portable computing device remains proprietary and secure.

    “We recognize that the loss, theft, or unauthorized access of one of our mobile devices exposes not only the confidential data stored on it, but also risks revealing passwords, logon ids, or other credentials that could jeopardize our entire network,” said Ingrid Udén-Mogensen, Electrolux Group Information Security Director. “We want to provide users with a secure environment where they can live up to the responsibility for information security put on them. At the same time key recovery processes must be excellent not to jeopardize the user workplace. That’s why we are confident in partnering with Pointsec as our vendor of choice for mobile device security across our enterprise.”