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    Airwide says it is IMS ready


    All our messaging products are belong to IMS

    airwide solutions announces that all of its messaging products are now enabled to operate in both IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and pre-IMS environments. With this announcement, airwide solutions continue its tradition of innovation by enabling the evolution from existing messaging infrastructures to 3G and IMS configured networks.

    All of airwide solutions products offer IP-based connection interfaces via SIGTRAN (Signaling Transport). airwide solutions now builds the bridge between 2G/2.5G messaging environments and IMS through the use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). 

    airwide solutions was the first company to deploy SIGTRAN enabled Short Message Service Centre (SMSCs), working with Telstra in 2003. Since then, airwide solutions has been helping its customers attain entirely new levels of throughput and cost efficiency from their messaging infrastructure using IP-based connectivity.

    By combining existing voice, video, data and messaging services over a common IP infrastructure, IMS will bring the full potential of Internet technology to mobile users. This capability opens up new and innovative peer-to-peer and community services such as video telephony, chat or multimedia conferencing. It also improves service mobility by offering consistent service over various network access. 

    With IMS network integration, airwide solution’s products will be able to provide a new range of interactive mobile messaging applications.  Subscribers will be able to easily send mobile messages in the most appropriate and cost effective means.  They will also be able to mix message types in a single session.  IMS will improve mobile operators revenues by facilitating the introduction of new services that end users are willing to use and pay for.

    “More and more of our customers are looking at IMS as a means to differentiate their service offerings and to increase their revenues,” said Vincent Kadar, CTO, airwide solutions. “We are currently working with mobile operators to ease their migration to an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) architecture and to ensure that they can take advantage of the benefits of IMS/3G deployments without cannibalising their existing 2/2.5G revenues.”

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