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    Airwave launches TETRA-enabled Tablet PC


    O2 Airwave, the communications service for national public safety users, has launched the world’s first TETRA-enabled Tablet PC, the Airwave Data Companion. This unique device provides portable access to a range of applications and data solutions that are designed to meet the needs of the front line emergency services.

    The Airwave Data Companion will for the first time allow users requiring portable data services to exploit the key benefits of the existing Airwave TETRA network such as high security, widespread national geographical coverage and resilient service. 

    Developed in conjunction with Outside Edge, the Airwave Data Companion is a robust Tablet PC with all the features, reliability and power of Microsoft’s Windows® XP operating system. The Airwave Data Companion has an integrated TETRA radio enabling secure data communications over the Airwave network and is intuitive to use and forms part of an end-to-end data solution from O2 Airwave.

    The rollout of the Airwave network to all UK police forces is now complete. Over 100,000 users are benefiting from secure nationwide coverage.

    Benefits of end-to-end Data Solutions from O2 Airwave: 

    –          The public, politicians and police are becoming increasingly aware of the burden that red tape and paperwork places on today’s police officers. End-to-end Data solutions from O2 Airwave can help to dramatically reduce this burden and help to get officers out of the station and back into their communities. Increased visibility of police patrols greatly helps in reassuring the public.

    O2 Airwave front line data solutions can provide:

    –          Access to the Police National Computer (PNC/SCRO) for person and vehicle checks with results in seconds.

    –          On the spot Identity verification of suspects using the Airwave Validate application

    –          The ability to receive briefings and tasks from supervisors whilst police officers are on patrol. 

    –          Access to local force intelligence databases

    –          The ability to complete reports, take statements and update activity logs using electronic forms.

    –          Access to ‘missing persons’ databases

    These solutions allow police officers to accurately capture and rapidly share vital information. This helps to reduce bureaucracy and allows police forces to respond more effectively. Saving just one hour a day of each police officers time would add the equivalent of 1000’s of officers to their communities.

    John Rogers, Head of Mobile Data at Airwave, comments,  “We envisage the Airwave Data Companion will eventually replace the clipboards and vast amounts of paperwork currently carried by mobile patrol officers, whilst also reducing the need to handwrite reports into police notebooks. With pre loaded e-forms the Airwave Data Companion will streamline officer administration by enabling information to be entered directly into databases, which reduces the potential for human error, and means officers can spend more time in the community and less at the police station.”