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    Embaze Mobile between ROK and marketplace


    Will design and provide branded handsets for UK MVNO

    Emblaze Mobile, the handset design and manufacturing house and member of the Emblaze Group, today announced that it will be the exclusive provider of unique and specifically branded handsets for the newly announced ROK Mobile MVNO, part of the mobile entertainment company ROK Entertainment Group.

    Emblaze Mobile will be working with ROK to define the exact handsets that they will distribute, which will be bundled with content preloaded onto memory cards and then sold on through distribution channels in the UK. The first branded handsets are expected to come to the market before the end of August this year. ROK is aiming for an estimated 250,000 subscriptions within 12 months and one million within three years.

     “Emblaze Mobile is all about a bold, fresh and provocative approach to the market and we are excited to be working with such a forward thinking and energetic company as ROK,” said Laurence Alexander, CEO Emblaze Mobile. “We work with our customers to develop devices to appeal to a defined market with applications, content and customised user experiences that will actually make people want to use the phone for more than just calls and SMS.”

    Alexander continued, “ROK is a pioneer in content development and provision and has partnerships with a portfolio of leading international brands; this is the beginning of a close working relationship and together we will be enabling customers with the technology they need for their lifestyles and completely redefining and reshaping market focus.”

    “Everything that we are building for ROK MVNO is based upon true innovations,” added Jonathan Kendrick, chairman and CEO ROK. “With our handset supply partner Emblaze we have found a truly original, attractive and highly capable range of mobile phones.”