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    Mobile Expertise aims for Mobitex market


    A new company is poised to make a big impact in the world of radio communications. Launched at the Mobitex Association (MA) Conference in New York, USA, Mobile Expertise Ltd is a UK company formed out of the sale of the Maxon radio business last December.

    Mobile Expertise designs and manufactures RF radio communications devices and its product portfolio comprises PMR/TWR, Mobitex and data modems, and GSM/CDMA devices. It has a strong pan-European distribution base and offers an exceptional OEM capacity and solution based products.

    Robert Johnson, Mobile Expertise Sales Director, said, ‘The MA Conference is the ideal event to launch our new company and a chance to demonstrate our commitment to the Mobitex community. We’ve set ourselves tough goals to achieve product excellence, superior service and value for money. By investing in research and development and post sales support, Mobile Expertise will design, manufacture and support its own new products and offer exceptional OEM capability.’

    Mobile Expertise launched two new products at the MA Conference: the ME-D400, a 10 Watt Mobitex device targeted at vehicle use, and the ME-D200, a general purpose 5 Watt VHF/UHF ffsk/gmsk modem. These join the existing range of products from Mobile Expertise, which include GSM and CDMA handsets, GPRS modems and PMR/TWR devices.