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    Polaris racks up patent for mobile location


    Location in WiMax and WiFi too

    Polaris Wireless, a pioneer in wireless location technology, today announced the grant of their eighth patent by the U.S. Patent Office for Polaris’ wireless emergency and location-based services technology.

    The patent award follows previously awarded key patents including US 6,393,294, US 6,782,265 and US 6,269,246.  The news bolsters Polaris’ leadership position in the fundamentals of locating cellular phones and other wireless devices by processing the radio information automatically reported to the wireless network by the phone or wireless terminal device. In addition to cellular and PCS networks, the Polaris location technology can be shown to provide accurate location in WiFi and WiMax wireless networks.

    Intellectual property is a critical element of success for telecom companies. This newly issued patent covers fundamental aspects of location technologies based on a time series of measurements. By incorporating a series of measurements that capture variations over time, accuracy can be dramatically improved compared to systems that perform only a single snapshot analysis. Polaris has proven this advantage in competitive trials and incorporated it into commercial products. Protecting this valuable intellectual property places Polaris at an advantage compared to other location technology competitors.

    “We are very pleased with the granting of the patent and believe that this new development further solidifies our leadership position as the enabler of crucial wireless solutions,” said Manlio Allegra, CEO, Polaris Wireless. “This patent, along with the others we have been granted, also establishes Polaris in a leadership position for technologies enabling the location of wireless phones.”

    The Polaris Wireless Location SignaturesTM (WLS) is a breakthrough in wireless location technology. Performance tested in the United States and Europe, the Polaris WLS solution resides on standard servers and requires no modifications to handsets or cell sites. This network-based, software-only solution simplifies and accelerates deployments, provides complete network coverage, 100 percent customer coverage and dramatically reduces capital and operational expenditures for wireless carriers.

    Polaris Wireless, the price/performance leader for wireless location, has commercially deployed its location-based solutions at multiple U.S. carriers, including Rural Cellular, SunCom Wireless/Triton PCS and others.

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