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    WIN launches solutions to help agencies and brands harness new opportunities for mobile and digital marketing


    WIN has launched a new suite of solutions for brands and agencies to create, test, deliver and measure mobile and other digital marketing and advertising campaigns.
    WIN Campaign is a set of tools which exploit the latest technologies for marketers, via a range of formats including e-mail, MMS, SMS, voice (IVR), mobile video, WAP and web – offering a single source for an integrated digital marketing package. Typical campaigns which can be undertaken include market research through text messaging, content delivery through WAP push messaging, creation of promotional WAP, web or video sites; and numerous CRM related activities including data capture and response management.
    One of the new applications in the suite is Marketing Manager, an easy to set up and use web based application that enables clients to build and manage mobile marketing campaigns utilising text and picture (MMS) messages. The console has the flexibility to deliver a wide range of both outbound and inbound campaigns including customer registration and data collection, competitions, on-pack promotions, event management, content delivery, message broadcast and CRM campaigns. The console also features a real time reporting tool which tracks the delivery of outbound messages and reports on all inbound responses, to allow instant evaluation of effectiveness.

    Another part of the new suite is the MMS composer – a PC application that features an easy to use drag and drop user interface for effortless creation of MMS campaigns. Once the content is created it can be transmitted directly to handsets or published to WIN's multimedia console to create an interactive service. MMS Composer offers an e-mail service to sit alongside mobile campaign services, so that marketers can manage all campaigns from their desk.

    Other applications in the suite include E-mail Manager – allowing simple conversion of simple text e-mails to complex multimedia newsletters. Additionally WIN offers the development of promotional mobile (WAP) portals as an end-to-end service including sourcing relevant content, design, build and hosting. For 3G handsets WIN also offers an interactive video portal creation service which is accessed via a 5 digit short code and allows brands to add all sorts of interactive services (e.g. consumer feedback or voting) to promotional videos shown to consumers.

    Graham Rivers, CEO of WIN comments: "New technologies, particularly video and MMS, allow marketers the opportunity to take mobile and other digital marketing platforms way beyond the simple SMS campaigns which we see so much currently. We find ourselves at a tipping point in the use of integrated mobile and web marketing solutions which will put these channels very much at the heart of the marketing mix. With typical response rates for mobile campaigns ranging from 6% to 20%, mobile is fast becoming a no-brainer."

    WIN's marketing solutions are offered on a fully managed or self-service basis. The company has a dedicated campaign management team which has delivered numerous campaigns for brands including O2, Coca Cola, Western Union, Carphone Warehouse and Swatch over a number of years.
    The launch of WIN Campaign is part of a re-brand for WIN, which has seen the company streamline its services to address the ever-evolving opportunities for mobile-centric applications which new technologies bring. In so doing, WIN helps content owners, mobile operators, corporate enterprises and media and entertainment corporations to engage customers, create brand loyalty, maximise revenues and reduce costs.