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    Huawei launches new generation WiMAX commercial solution


    Huawei Technologies has recently rolled out its New Generation WiMAX commercial solution, with integrated 4G mobile technologies which is claimed to provide operators with 30% cost-savings on base stations while doubling their system capability.

    Huawei's ALL IP- based New Generation WiMAX solution adopts HSPA/LTE/UMB co-platform infrastructure, and integrates the 4G technologies including HARQ (Hybrid Automatic Repeat-reQuest), MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Out-put). The products include gateway, distributed base station, transmission, network management system and terminal. This solution can deploy WiMAX with GSM, CDMA, IMS, NGN and DSL integrated networks, and helps operators provide more high-speed mobile broadband service.

    "We have applied our experience in UMTS/HSPA large-scale applications to create a WiMAX solution for operators worldwide," said Cai Liqun, Huawei's WiMAX product line president. "Our new generation WiMAX solution is able to provide managed mobile broadband solutions for customers, saving them money and doubling their system capabilities."