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    MACH launches MACH Fraud Protection for tracking and combating global roaming fraud


    MACH, the clearing and settlement partner for mobile based transactions, has today launched MACH Fraud Protection, claimed to be an advanced extension of its roaming solutions portfolio that is setting new industry standards in effectively combating roaming fraud.

    Levels of International Revenue Fraud have increased significantly over the last couple of years and losses are having a direct and serious financial impact; typically, 80% of cases affect the bottom line. A negative financial impact of up to 400,000 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs); a type of currency with a value based on a basket of international currencies, is what some GSM mobile operators have faced as the result of a single well planned and executed fraud attack.

    The current situation for roaming fraud protection is the same as having an advanced security system to protect a home and the valuables inside, only for the system to be switched off over the weekend. Many operators only realise that fraud has occurred when they find the safe door left open.

    MACH works with operators to solve this and offers a one stop shop for all operators' fraud requirements, with solutions that are fully compliant with the GSMA's NRTRDE specification. MACH Data Express, the cutting edge conversion and logistics service is already helping operators achieve compliancy with NRTRDE and has proved to be an influential success.

    MACH Fraud Protection provides the final link in the fraud disarmament chain, with fraud fingerprint matches across all networks for a truly global view, instant response and fraud shut-down. The dedicated Fraud Protection Centre uses data intelligence and analysis to predict and track suspicious behaviour via non-stop 24/7/365 surveillance and 'best practice' levels.

    MACH processes and analyses the data from numerous operators around the globe, allowing clients to benefits from the intelligence it gathers. For example, if a certain B-number was discovered in a fraud case for one client, MACH will instantly detect if this number is used anywhere else in the world. This will enable detection and potential blocking of an IMSI before significant financial damage occurs.

    Martin Lippert, CEO of MACH commented, "Outsourcing to MACH eliminates the need for complex systems or maintenance, allowing operators to make better use of their fraud personnel. Cost savings from outsourcing, coupled with money saved from potential fraud loss, equals a definite revenue upside. There is also the benefit of scale, it's a great advantage to be part of a large network."