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    Actix launches ‘next generation’ NSM system to automate RAN performance engineering


    Actix, a specialist in Network Status Management (NSM) solutions for mobile operators, today announced the introduction of Actix Insight, a next generation system designed to automatically identify, collate and diagnose common radio access network (RAN) problems. Insight has been designed to improve the efficiency of RAN engineering and troubleshooting by providing advanced performance diagnostics and intelligently prioritizing that information for presentation via a single user interface.

    For many carriers, RAN engineering currently consists of numerous systems, including mini-tools, spreadsheets and databases, each providing their own task list. Actix Insight was developed to replace and automate many of these processes, and has been shown to provide a six-fold increase in performance engineering productivity.

    As carriers increasingly turn towards the best practices provided by NSM technologies – which extend the principles of OSS into the radio subsystem, to bring scale and coordination advantages to highly fragmented processes and departments – they require more automated, systematic approaches to integrate and manage existing infrastructures. Actix Insight, built within the new Actix One integration framework, is the central engine designed to form a scalable backbone for future NSM deployments. It enables optimization of the network engineering process and more intelligent and effective management of the workflow through that process to bring large-scale automation to highly fragmented systems in the network performance arena.

    "During a number of successful operator trials Actix Insight was shown to provide a far more useful list of daily tasks by giving network engineers visibility of the most service-affecting network issues while prioritizing those issues with the highest impact on customer satisfaction," said Chris Larmour, Actix' Chief Marketing Officer. "In addition to delivering significant improvements in productivity and effectiveness, engineers identified twice as many service affecting issues as were previously being identified, many of which were root causes missed by existing processes and tools. Trials also showed Actix Insight to reduce revenue leakage – the loss of traffic caused by network issues – by around eight per cent," continued Larmour.

    Actix Insight coordinates data from existing performance, configuration, and fault management systems, allowing carriers to retain and leverage their existing systems investments. Insight applies best practice rules to provide intelligent automated analysis on top of existing systems to quickly identify and diagnose complex network issues.