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    Actix introduces new multi-technology capital planning module


    Actix, the specialist in Network Status Management (NSM) solutions for mobile operators, has launched a Capital Planning Module (CPM) to complement the Actix Radioplan automatic planning suite for mobile radio access networks. Actix' Radioplan CPM is said to enable mobile operators to determine capital budget allocation for new sites, while optimizing existing sites more effectively, whether in local clusters or on nationwide projects.

    "Getting the most from your radio access footprint is extremely important, whether an operator works in a market dominated by fast rollout needs like China or India, or in highly challenging, ultra competitive mature markets like Western Europe and North America," said Chris Larmour, Chief Marketing Officer. "Actix has built on existing know-how from our Cellopt product line and worked with a number of development partners to understand how they plan network investments and introduce a more automated, streamlined way of working, one that dovetails with existing processes, helping them make more effective and profitable decisions."

    Actix Radioplan CPM enhances capital planning processes by first validating the addition of new cell sites, then assessing and ranking them according to revenue gain and return on investment (ROI).  This helps operators to understand where they need to invest in order to fulfil capacity requirements as well as identifying opportunities to invest in areas that will deliver ROI while contributing to network quality objectives and coverage.

    Actix' new module, which integrates directly into existing Radioplan deployments, supports multiple technologies and be customized to meet the needs and existing processes of individual network operators.

    Selected features of Radioplan CMP solution include:

    * Network Layer Priorities to enable operators to assign weights to various technology layers
    * Service Profile Coverage Probability Curves to allow careful assessment of the business case for investment
    * Cell Specific Optimization Costs to enable local knowledge to be incorporated into models, making highly accurate forecasting a reality
    * Capital Planning Analysis Plots to allow easy communication of options and decision across the organization.

    Actix' Radioplan CPM is available as part of Actix Radioplan 3.8 and adheres to the principles of the Actix One framework, allowing a roadmap for integration to other areas of the Actix product family over time, as well as helping to build an end-to-end process of network planning-deployment-operations.