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    Subex Azure is now Subex


    Subex, a global provider of Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions for telecom operators , has announced it has dropped the Azure from its name.

    Subash Menon, Founder Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Subex said, "We adopted the name Subex Azure primarily to highlight the acquisition and subsequent integration of UK firm Azure in June 2006. This was in line with our strategy to leverage the recall and positioning of Azure in the market. The company has now fully benefited from that strategy and since then proceeded to acquire Canadian firm Syndesis. Now it's time to reposition Subex, the mother brand, as the primary brand."

    The new name is the culmination of acquisitions to date, incorporating all assets and brand equity into a unified brand. It is also a reflection of the company's global consolidation and continuous product innovation.

    Sanjeev Gadre, Vice President – Marketing, Subex Ltd said, "The stylised 'X' in the new Subex logo stands for the `X' factor that sets Subex apart in its domain. The colours purple and yellow are warm and reiterate Subex's vigour and passion. The usage of the lowercase type is representative of the company's youthful dynamism. The straight and thick lines are evocative of the strength with which the company leads the industry."