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    cVidya to preview new Dealer Management solution at Mobile World Congress


    cVidya Networks, a provider of telecom data integrity revenue assurance systems, will be previewing its new Dealer Management Systems, Dealer Map at its stand at Barcelona in February 2008.  The DealerMap solution will help service providers manage the increasing complex sales life cycle between the manufacturer and the point of sale to eliminate potentially fraudulent activity resulting in revenue loss. 

    As relationships between device manufacturers, service providers, dealers and end customers become more complicated telecom service providers must cope with challenges posed by the complexity of the value chain and the variety of different contractual arrangements between different parties.  DealerMap allows service providers to better manage and control the complex interflow of business processes and money and eliminate leakage from fraud.

    Comprised of three components: Commission Management, Commission Verification and Fraud Management, DealerMap provides a user friendly dashboard of management information to create and manage commission plans including all business transactions such as payments, financial balance, rejects, disputes, and handset inventory.  DealerMap/Fraud collects data from all data sources (i.e. purchase records, subscribers' retention information, and usage information) to build KPIs (i.e. number of purchased handsets per dealer, number of resigned subscribers per dealer) and utilises robust acquisition and reconciliation engines to identify abnormal changes in dealer behaviour to pinpoint fraudulent activities.