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    Antenna Hungaria, T-Mobile Hungary and Vodafone Hungary run DVB-H based mobile television trial on Nokia Siemens Networks’ mobile TV platform


    Antenna Hungária, a major Hungarian TV and radio network operator, T-Mobile Hungary and Vodafone Hungary are conducting a DVB-H based mobile television test. The test was first launched in spring 2007 by Antenna Hungária and T-Mobile. The current test is being carried out on a Nokia Siemens Networks platform, with Nokia handsets.

    Under the agreement between the two mobile companies (T-Mobile and Vodafone), Nokia Siemens Networks and Antenna Hungária, the mobile television test, comprising a technical test and a common ‘friendly user' test, is to continue until the end of January 2008.

    In the technical part of the DVB-H-based mobile television test, the equipment of the platform provided by Nokia Siemens Networks is connected to the broadcasting network of Antenna Hungária and the networks of the mobile operators involved in the project.

    Two handset models, Nokia N92 and Nokia N77 devices, are used in the tests, suitable for the reception of programs approved by the National Radio and Television Commission (ORTT) and the content providers. In comparison with an earlier test, more programs are available this time, altogether 11 television channels, including news, sports and music channels. In addition to television programs, interactive services can also be tested in the trial.

    In the "friendly user test" to follow the technical test, the selected 200 to 300 users can watch the television content, whereas in the meantime operators obtain valuable information on actual demands, expected consumption patterns and coverage conditions. The data obtained will help fine-tune the business model and identify the commercial services to be launched in the future.

    Through the test, Antenna Hungária intends to improve the technological solutions which will enable it to provide a DVB-H-based mobile tv network for Hungarian mobile operators.