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    NetHawk introduces portable network monitoring tool


    NetHawk has announced the new portable platform TravelHawk for GSM, (E)GPRS, UMTS, HSPA WiMAX and LTE protocol analysis. Based on NetHawk's M5 Analyser, TravelHawk offers high port density and capacity but still it is small enough to go as carry-on luggage on business trips.

    The new platform supports multiple interface adapter configurations fitting the needs of different end-user groups. TravelHawk is designed to monitor up to four STM-1 and sixteen E1 links to meet the heavy load testing requirements. It also supports channelised STM-1 and IMA.

    "I'm thrilled about this new monitoring tool platform. Knowing how much easier we'll make the lives of travelling engineers, I'm sure that TravelHawk will be a success story. High capacity and versatility in such a small package is something that this industry has never seen before" says Mr. Pertti Paakkolanvaara, Executive Vice President, Analyser Business Unit, NetHawk.

    On top of the modular TravelHawk hardware platform end-users can take advantage of the intelligent data analysis options of the NetHawk M5. The Call&Session Analysis application for multi-interface call tracing enables correlation of real-time data from several interfaces simultaneously reducing total time needed for root-cause analysis of the network. The Call&Session Statistics application is utilised to provide an overall view of quality of service of the monitored network. For increased data rates in today's networks, the NetHawk M5 Analyser provides excellent filtering options. Focusing on absolutely necessary information is crucial when handling gigabits of data from multiple sources. Counter and KPI results in a clear graphical UI makes monitoring of the network performance easier than ever. Because of the growing amount of IP data transfer in mobile networks verification of IP quality of service has to be conducted carefully. The Quality of Service application provides throughput, delay, and jitter measurements with a few mouse clicks. The versatile applications of the M5 Analyser make the TravelHawk an effective tool for several purposes both in live networks and laboratory environments.