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    TextMagic launches new mobile service for business SMS


    TextMagic, a provider of easy-to-use online text messaging solutions, has today launched its new and improved web-based SMS service, TextMagic Online. This new generation of online SMS delivery allows businesses and individuals to send text messages directly from any computer, mobile or handheld device without the need to install dedicated software. The online interface lets users send multiple or individual texts, create and manage campaigns and keep in touch with valued customers with just a few clicks, all for just a few pence.

    TextMagic Online is said to be a quick and easy way to create ad-hoc awareness campaigns and communicate with customers via their mobiles. Its web-based interface means it's more scalable than a desktop solution and is secure – all personal information is protected with secure data transfer protocol, so consumers can trust SMS messages sent with TextMagic. Mobile contacts can be easily imported from different customer relationship management (CRM) systems and programmes like Outlook, Excel, and many more.

    Companies can use SMS as an effective way of communicating with customers in a way that is more immediate and effective than email or phonecalls. For example, TextMagic Online allows estate agents to update multiple buyers and sellers on viewings and new properties the moment they come onto the market, all with a single SMS.  Logistics and delivery companies can use text messages to arrange deliveries and confirm good have arrived – potentially ending the problem of never being at home when the delivery van calls!

    "More than 1 billion text messages are sent every week in the UK, making text messages the perfect way to deliver personalised services quickly and cost-effectively," commented Priit Vaikmaa, Marketing Manager of TextMagic. With over 70 million mobile users in the UK alone, mobile is the most ubiquitous device we own, and with the increase use of mobile for business, our service provides an essential business tool for companies that are looking for tailored ways to market their services and manage their customer relations."