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    Mobixell’s Mobile Webcast selected by a leading European Operator to provide Mobile TV and Video on Demand


    Mobixell Networks, the provider of mobile multimedia and advertising solutions, has been selected by a leading European operator to deliver the highest quality of experience of Mobile TV and Video on Demand in time for the European Football Championships and the Olympic games.

    Mobixell's Mobile Webcast solution will allow the operator to provide live video and audio streamed services over a vast variety and diversity of mobile devices, domains and networks. Mobixell's Mobile Webcast solution is a gateway that performs real-time adaptation, overcoming the challenges of handset variety, variable wireless network conditions and provides a continuous service even when the user hands-off from a high-bit rate connection (e.g. UMTS) to a low bit-rate (e.g. EDGE or GPRS) connection. Furthermore, it can enhance streams by adding advertisement and branding and opens up new possibilities for mobile advertising and sponsorship. Mobixell's robust and solution will be scaled to support over 6000 concurrent video stream sessions as required during high profile sport events.

    Avichai Levy, Senior VP Marketing of Mobixell comments, "We were tested against two of the leading Mobile Video vendors over a number of weeks. The operator's employees received three different links to the same TV channel, they weren't told which link was associated with which vendor, and at the end they were asked to rate the quality of each of the channels. They voted that Mobixell's Mobile WebcastTM provided significantly better quality of Video and Audio than the two competing vendors.

    "We are proud to have been chosen, especially by an operator that is considered an opinion leader with harsh demands for quality. With the European Football Championship this June, and afterwards, the Olympic games, we are confident that the operator's subscribers will be able to enjoy the best experience of Mobile TV and Video on Demand."