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    B2M Solutions and NetMotion Wireless in Alliance Partnership


    B2M Solutions, specialist in managing the mobile enterprise, has entered an Alliance Partnership with NetMotion Wireless, a provider of mobile productivity and management software.  The relationship allows both companies to collaborate on software development to provide customers with a fully managed mobile enterprise where the wireless communications are both secure and stable.

    NetMotion's extensive customer base of over 1,200 organisations now has access to the B2M mprodigy mobile management system, with the peace-of-mind that it will work seamlessly with NetMotion's Mobility XE, the company's award-winning mobile virtual private network (VPN) software. In turn, B2M's customers can use Mobility XE as part of an mprodigy installation to ensure a highly secure communications path between mobile devices and company servers. 

    Peter George, Vice President of International Operations at NetMotion Wireless says, "Full systems management is a vital component for all large mobile enterprises and B2M mprodigy has been selected by NetMotion Mobility customers looking for a comprehensive management system. The success of projects for these joint customers has proven our Mobility XE mobile VPN is entirely complementary with mprodigyTM.  Together we are committed to delivering a best-of-breed robust solution, providing our customers with the confidence they need to deploy in highly scaleable and mission critical environments."

    Julie Purves, Managing Director of B2M Solutions adds, "Both B2M and NetMotion have designed their solutions from the ground-up to be used in a mobile environment and we have a mutual advantage over systems built on legacy fixed networks and office based systems.  This makes for a perfect partnership where we can offer a very secure end-to-end solution. NetMotion Mobility secures the communications links between devices and the host and mprodigy delivers total management over a mobile estate." 

    Alongside mprodigy's management capabilities, the new features of Mobility XE version 8.0 (introduced on 5 May 2008) are specifically designed to meet the security and connectivity needs of highly mobile field personnel.  It allows devices to connect to the enterprise network only after meeting specified security policies, but gives IT administrators greater control and flexibility.