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    Andrew chosen for multi-year communications upgrade in Germany


    Andrew has won a multi-year contract for communications systems that will provide improved wireless coverage inside Deutsche Bahn AG's high speed train ICE in Germany.

    Andrew in-train repeaters will be installed in all 250 ICE train sets covering nearly 1,500 carriages-the majority of the ICE fleet-that will feature high quality, high-availability mobile telephony signal coverage for passengers and official rail communications.  The project, which began this month and is scheduled for completion in 2010, is a common project between Deutsche Bahn and the German mobile network operators T-Mobile, Vodafone, the E-Plus Group and O2. 

    The Andrew repeater system will support five separate GSM networks, covering the four operators plus the rail system's communications network, in the GSM-900, GSM-1800 and GSM-R bands.  The company has previously supported Deutsche Bahn in providing in-train coverage systems on portions of the ICE system since 2002.

    "High-speed rail is one of the most challenging environments in which to provide wireless communications, with the complexities of different terrain and rapidly changing outdoor signal levels of the various networks," said Matt Melester, vice president and general manager, Wireless Innovations, Andrew.  "Andrew has vast experience around the world in successfully supporting such requirements.  We are proud to be chosen for this important project benefiting German rail passengers and ICE personnel."