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    Syniverse introduces new roaming hub solution


    Syniverse Technologies, a provider of technology and business solutions for the global telecommunications industry, announced today it has launched a comprehensive roaming hub to help mobile operators solve the business and technical complexities of wireless roaming. Enabling operators to quickly deliver ubiquitous voice and data services wherever their subscribers may roam, the Syniverse Roaming Hub features a comprehensive suite of roaming services, including data clearing, financial clearing and award-winning fraud protection.
    "Our more than 20 years of global interoperability experience clearly shows that Syniverse is well positioned to cater to the diverse roaming needs of operators around the world," said Tony Holcombe, President and CEO, Syniverse. "Moreover, through strategic partnerships with established players in the market, the Syniverse Roaming Hub will expand on our ability to provide seamless connectivity and a full range of roaming services to the wireless marketplace."
    Holcombe said the Syniverse Roaming Hub, which is designed to replace today's inefficient bilateral agreement business model, will provide mobile operators with a means to economically expand their roaming footprint, quickly launch new services and cost effectively manage roaming partner relationships. Some of the hub components include Syniverse Data Clearing House (DCH), Financial Clearing House (FCH), signaling, agreement management, RAEX, operational support services and the company's award-winning Syniverse DataNet NRTRDE solution.