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    Webwag launches Webwag Mobile 2.0 widget engine


    Webwag, a publisher of Internet and mobile widgets, has announced the launch of Webwag Mobile 2.0, the new version of its mobile widget engine, which will be commercialised in both versions directly to consumers and as a white label.

    Webwag Mobile 2.0 aims at the convergence of the Web and the mobile Internet, and is said to have been designed to be practical and easy to use, with users needing to register only once from their mobile phone or on the Web.

    Easier, more user-friendly, more intuitive, enabling hundreds of widgets and RSS-feeds, synchronized with Webwag's web page, Webwag Mobile 2.0 features a tutorial meant to guide the mobile Internet users in their selection of the services they are interested in. The most relevant widgets are then automatically added to the preselected listed interests of the user.