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    ChangingWorlds announces Telefónica O2 Czech Republic launch of personalized mobile internet


    ChangingWorlds, a specialist in mobile data personalization and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, has today announced a new deal that will launch a personalized mobile internet service for the Telefónica O2 Czech Republic. ChangingWorlds has worked with O2 UK and O2 Germany for several years but this is the first implementation with O2 Czech Republic.

    Consisting of a new O2 internet-like portal and a browser bar that provides intuitive navigation support for users browsing off-portal, the O2 ‘True Internet' proposition seamlessly integrates mobile internet content services with key services from O2 Active and its' partner sites.

    ChangingWorlds' ClixSmart system is employed to simplify mobile internet access, engage O2 users and optimize internet usability on the mobile handset. O2 Czech Republic chose ChangingWorlds' solution to improve the end user experience and personal value gained from using the Mobile Internet. ChangingWorlds Personalization technology is said to achieve this by reducing the information gap and increasing awareness of new relevant services for each O2 user. The personalization engine automatically selects new, fresh and relevant content for each user based on learned user content preferences and behavioural patterns.

    In addition, the ClixSmart device management system optimizes content presentation and screen flows to the specific capabilities of each O2 handset. ChangingWorlds also provides in-depth reporting of both on and off-portal activity which enables O2 to recognize, manage and leverage learned browsing trends, both established & emerging. Moreover, intuitive ClixSmart content management applications allow O2 portal managers to assume full control of the service.

    Speaking today, Lorcan Jordan, Program Director for ChangingWorlds said "O2 Czech Republic sees the delivery of a highly personalized Mobile Internet experience as an essential step in strengthening its competitive position in the now established Mobile Internet marketplace. The new personalized Mobile Internet service powered by ChangingWorlds' technology improves the internet user experience by delivering relevant content to each individual. ChangingWorlds and O2 will continue to collaborate and extend the Mobile Internet data service with the ultimate aim of providing a ubiquitous, personalized Internet channel for all O2 data users."

    Jan Karas, marketing director of residential segment from Telefónica O2 Czech Republic commented: "The launch of a personalized Mobile Internet service is an integral part of the O2 Czech Republic mobile data strategy to optimize the user experience and to ensure O2 can offer a convincing internet experience to our mobile users. This service will also enable us to monetize off-portal activity and to up-sell key value-add O2 data services. Vitally, it also ensures that we can assume control of the Mobile Internet browsing experience so that it enhances, rather than detracts from, our O2 Active portal."