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    InnoPath announces support for newly ratified OMA-DM SCOMO standard


    InnoPath Software, a specialist in Mobile Device Management (MDM), has announced support for the newly ratified OMA-DM Software Component Management Object (SCOMO) Candidate Enabler. A standards-based method of managing the lifecycle of applications on mobile phones sets the stage for a new generation of over-the-air capabilities for both consumers and enterprises, while avoiding the single vendor lock-in that characterized previous approaches.

    InnoPath first demonstrated draft SCOMO support at the Mobile World Congress in 2007, and as the convener of SCOMO within OMA-DM, the company has been actively working with its key operator and device manufacturer partners to bring to market a solution that is both deployable and scalable. Additionally, InnoPath was the first company to demonstrate interoperability with 3 rd party SCOMO clients. MDM vendors may now build solutions based on a stable baseline, while operators may plan their deployments with assurances of interoperability and broad industry support. The other newly ratified standards supported by InnoPath include the Device Capabilities Management Object, or DCMO.

    "Mobile Device Management is evolving from point products based on customized platforms to a general solution providing care for both consumers and enterprises," said David Ginsburg, Vice President of Marketing at InnoPath. "That the industry has converged on SCOMO for lifecycle application management is a sign of a maturing market."