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    GoMobi! signs with TynTec for global SMS distribution


    Mobile messaging operator TynTec has been selected by new mobile newspaper distribution platform, GoMobi!, to provide international SMS sending capabilities. Under the deal, GoMobi! will use TynTec's SMS to send ‘WAP push' links to its new subscribers.

    GoMobi! is a new international mobile newspaper platform based in Poland.  The company has a handset application that enables its newspaper publisher partners to distribute a mobile version of their title to consumers. 

    In order to receive the GoMobi! newspaper reader application users simply submit their mobile phone number to receive an link to download the product.  These SMS WAP push links will be sent via TynTec's SMS infrastructure.

    GoMobi! selected TynTec for its SMS infrastructure.  Through its own SMS-C and deep level (SS7) connectivity partnerships with operators worldwide, TynTec says it can provide a 'unique level of quality' in SMS, with guaranteed, high speed delivery.  In addition, TynTec says it can offer connectivity into more than 160 countries, enabling GoMobi! to offer its product to mobile users around the world.

    Tomasz Gruszka, CEO of GoMobi!, said: "SMS is central to our distribution mechanism – we need to be sure that when a customer gives us their mobile number they receive their download link quickly and reliably, wherever they are in the world. 

    "In a business like ours you only have one chance with a customer – if you let them down somewhere in the distribution process then you've probably lost them for ever.  This means that reliable international SMS is a hugely important part of our business and its something only TynTec can provide."

    Michael Kowalzik, CEO, TynTec, said: "GoMobi! is a fantastic mobile Internet proposition and this project shows how SMS can be a central part of this type of business.  Whilst content and services can be consumed through a web browser, SMS is still a vital part of the value chain for most mobile web propositions. 

    "Whether its for alerting, marketing or, as in this case, for product distribution, SMS can be a hugely powerful tool for facilitating interaction between businesses and consumers."