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    Mformation and Nokia partner for management of Nokia devices


    Mformation Technologies, a specialist in advanced mobile device management (MDM) software, has today announced that they have entered a strategic partnership with Nokia to ensure that all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices can be supported and managed by the Mformation Service Manager platform.

    "The relationship with Mformation reinforces Nokia's business mobility strategy, which is to partner with leading enterprise vendors and create compelling business solutions that support the world's leading device portfolio. Providing seamless interoperability with Mformation's device management platform ensures that all of our enterprise-focused devices, and many others that are prevalent in business, can be managed by the MDM solution," said Ilari Nurmi, Vice President at Nokia.

    "We have a broad strategic relationship with Nokia that includes interoperability testing of Nokia devices with the Mformation server, as well as R&D activities and the development of detailed interoperability requirements. Nokia is the leading global device manufacturer; it is critical that our advanced MDM platform can provide seamless management for Nokia's devices as they are deployed by our mobile operator customers around the world," said Matt Bancroft, Vice President, Product Management of Mformation.

    Mformation and Nokia have established interoperability agreements that cover commercially proven, standards-based management of mobile devices, as well as mobile device security and mobile application management. Nokia has been conducting remote OMA DM interoperability testing as part of Mformation's Device Self-Certification Programme for several months. Device Self-Certification provides Nokia with remote access to Mformation's platform, on which they remotely test the device management capabilities of their devices before submitting them to mobile operators for acceptance. Mformation's Device Self-Certification Programme enables device vendors to test and certify their devices against industry standards and operator requirements early in the development cycle, delivering a huge benefit to both device vendors and operators by significantly reducing time-to-market and development costs.

    Mformation and Nokia are extending their joint interoperability testing beyond OMA DM and FOTA to support Nokia applications, which include: Mail for Exchange, Nokia VPN Client, Nokia Encryption, Nokia Call Connect for Cisco and Alcatel/Lucent. The applications can be remotely deployed to Nokia devices today using the OMA DM SCOMO standard and the Mformation extension to the OMA DM standards. Mformation provides enhanced management of these applications by enabling configuration and control throughout their lifecycle. Using Mformation's advanced mobile device management software, applications can be remotely configured and personalized, and also can receive policy updates remotely as required by operators and enterprises.