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    iPod Touch requests tripled in December, says report


    AdMob, the mobile advertising marketplace, has today highlighted 'explosive' iPod Touch growth and smartphone Operating System (OS) market share in its December 2008 Mobile Metrics Report.
    iPod Touch requests more than tripled worldwide from November to December, with a particularly large spike in requests the week after Christmas. The iPod Touch is now the #2 device in the AdMob Network with 4.7 percent share.  While 70 percent of iPod Touch requests in December came from the US, it experienced strong growth across major markets including Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, and France. Combined, the iPhone and iPod Touch represent 15.5 percent of all worldwide requests. 

    Other highlights from the December 2008 report include:

    • Smartphones increased from 22 percent of total requests worldwide in May to 33 percent in December.
    • Symbian is the #1 smartphone OS worldwide with 41 percent share. In Asia and Africa it has more than 90 percent share, however the iPhone is challenging its dominance in Latin America and Europe.
    • The iPhone OS had 32 percent worldwide share in December, up from 6 percent in May.(1)
      Worldwide RIM has 10 percent and Windows Mobile has 9 percent OS share. Both are strongest in North America and Latin America.
    • Palm has 4 percent of smartphone OS share worldwide with more than 95 percent of its requests generated in North America. In the US, Palm had 9 percent share in December, declining from 20 percent in July.
    • Android already leads Symbian in North America with 2 percent of OS share.