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    Syniverse announces new business intelligence solutions for mobile roaming services


    Syniverse Technologies has today announced a revolutionary portfolio of business intelligence solutions that enables mobile operators to optimise roaming services based on a real-time view of subscriber roaming behavior and network performance. Syniverse RoamWise forecasting tool is the first solution to be launched from the portfolio.

    According to Syniverse, while traditional operator-to-consumer communication relies on outdated methods to understand user behavior, the analytics-driven framework of RoamWise takes into consideration specific history and preferences. As a result, operators are able to truly understand and predict subscribers' usage patterns. By fine tuning subscriber segmentation and forecasting future user behavior, operators then have the opportunity to protect and maximise their customer base.

    RoamWise examines GSM roaming activity in three ways: It enables operators to analyse historical data, manage and optimise ongoing roaming activity in near real time, and predict future roaming traffic.

    This end-to-end, comprehensive forecasting tool simplifies the management of roaming information and increases the efficiency of operator roaming departments by bringing together data from across diverse networks. The tool centralises the analysis of historical and real-time roaming data, and builds a comprehensive picture of future roaming trends so that business decisions can be made rapidly and effectively.

    "This innovative solution not only increases roaming efficiency, it also helps operators maximise future roaming revenues and subscriber stickiness," said Tony Holcombe, President and CEO, Syniverse. "By using proven forecasting and optimisation algorithms through a unified dashboard, RoamWise is unlike any other tool in the industry."

    RoamWise is the only solution available today that precisely provides monitoring and forecasting of all functions that impact operators' roaming revenues, including how traffic is routed and what tariffs are applied. Currently up to 33 functions can be viewed on a single unified dashboard screen, and additional customisable options will be available in the future.

    Syniverse also will be introducing three additional business intelligence solutions that provide a number of operator benefits, including optimisation of network performance and an improved user experience for mobile subscribers. Designed to be deployed individually or together, the tools in this new suite of solutions can be bundled with the portfolio's innovative business rules engine for maximum performance.

    RoamAdvisory will enable operators to proactively send tariff information and roaming rates to subscribers worldwide on their devices the moment the subscriber enters a new market. This solution will improve the subscriber experience of roaming worldwide, and is being designed to enable operators in Europe to conform to new E.U. roaming regulations by the July 1, 2010, deadline.

    RoamMonitor will be an advanced alerting and rating service to enable operators to keep tabs on their roaming subscribers and ensure subscribers are aware of the costs associated with mobile data roaming. RoamMonitor will collect data usage from the home operator's network in near real time, and allow both operators and their subscribers to set spending and/or usage thresholds based on pre-established policies.

    Enhanced Visibility Servicesl proactively alert operators of signaling and testing data based on roaming usage, positioning them to optimise associated revenues. This extension of our current Visibility Services solution will offer continuous testing and network monitoring services to ensure a consistently high quality of service for subscribers.

    "Syniverse business intelligence solutions are designed to provide operators with powerful information they can use to make critical operating decisions," Holcombe said. "In these tools we have combined our 20-plus years of roaming experience with leading-edge business intelligence innovations. The result is a set means for operators to simplify the complexities of roaming data, all while delivering a positive user experience and realising associated customer growth and retention."