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    Anite launches WiMAX performance tester


    Anite, a specialist in testing technology for the wireless industry, and Azimuth Systems, a provider of wireless broadband test equipment and channel emulators for MIMO broadband wireless technologies, today announced the launch of their WiMAX Performance Tester. It combines a channel emulator and a base station emulator, allowing users to run conformance and bespoke test cases on subscriber stations under varying RF channel conditions. The product is the first development of its kind addressing WiMAX technology.

    The WiMAX PT measures the device performance of test subscribers under varying radio frequency channel conditions, which results in exceptionally detailed tests for locations such as high-rise buildings, downtown areas, and other challenging scenarios where WiMAX subscriber stations will be used.

    Test scenarios and channel conditions can be scrupulously tested in a short amount of time with automated test scripts on the new PT, thus recognising the impact of RF environment, modulation, coding schemes, security and throughput on device design.

    "Performance Tester will allow developers to test the mobile station in the lab for performance and compliance under real world conditions. This results in a simplified testing process and a reduced time-to-market," said Vijay Harikumar, Head of WiMAX Sales and Marketing, Anite. "Our partnership with Azimuth ensures that customers can access the best in class technology on basic testing and channel emulation."

    "The ability to anticipate behavior in the field will improve the design of devices manifold and reduce the time to market substantially. Given the lack of accessible test infrastructure, Performance Tester will be a critical support system to mobile station developers", said Peter Paglia, VP, Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Azimuth. "There is no other existing mechanism to extensively test mobile stations in deployment conditions."

    Developers can verify different deployment scenarios such as driving in built up areas, office environments and walking in wide open spaces with Anite's WiMAX PT.

    Shortening the time-to-market with thorough, effective testing is a critical success factor in the evolving WiMAX ecosystem. Anite's leading position in the development of WiMAX test solutions helps bring to market WiMAX Forum Certified components necessary for the roll-out and adoption of new technology.

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