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    NEC introduces real-time Service Delivery Platform personalisation in a multi-device environment


    NEC will showcase its latest developments in real-time, multi-device personalisation services which will be available for live demonstrations at Mobile World Congress 2009.

    NEC has developed a personalisation module for service delivery platforms (SDP), which allows multiple devices' behaviour to be adapted to a specific user based on personal details. The module dynamically changes the delivery of services to utilize user preferences, context and device capabilities. End users personalise their communications experience via a secure web-based profile, adding value to the information they receive and allowing them to set preferences and permissions individually to all their contacts and service providers.

    This technology places end users at its heart. Based on dynamic analysis of all communications, it is set to generate great change to the end user experience of their mobiles, televisions, laptops and other devices, integrating all of these on one management platform.

    At the core of the technology is a middleware that sits on the network and provides a policy-based communication control system. This enables user-driven, dynamic personalisation including personalised real-time decisions. The technology can handle multi-device and multi-session scenarios for an advanced NGN service platform. It provides single, user-centric converged control of all communication and content services in fixed and mobile networks and presents multi-device support.

    This technology presents customers with a high quality, personalised experience aiming towards future SDP technologies in the market. It will lead to revenue generation and important market differentiation for operators and third party service providers in the service delivery chain.

    Heinrich Stüttgen, Vice President of NEC Europe, says: "Telecommunication markets are experiencing strong competition for delivering new revenue-generating services. It is thereby crucial to satisfy increasing user expectations for advanced services that utilize available devices, their capabilities, a variety of subscriptions, context information, and user profiles. These new services need to support group interactions (Social Networking) and advertisement-supported services."

    Heinrich Stüttgen continues: "It is NEC's aim to provide a simple, intuitive, high quality customer experience and a way for operators and third party service providers to add value to their end users."