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    Trusted Logic brings Trusted user interface to mobile payment


    Trusted Logic, the provider of Trusted Execution Environments for embedded systems, has extended its Trusted Foundations Software with a Trusted User Interface capability needed for mobile payment.

    Trusted Foundations Software targets wireless devices that need to execute sensitive applications and control the access to critical device resources. It is compliant with the OMTP security requirements issued in 2008 by mobile network operators, and has been connected to the main mobile operating systems including Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Android.

    Trusted Foundations Software allows fast and flexible implementation of security features and provides a high-performance Trusted Execution Environment, that is separate from non sensitive applications and can connect securely to the (U)SIM card, the NFC controller and any other secure element. This environment now enables the development of secure drivers – such as a keyboard driver to be executed in the secure environment, allowing secure PIN code entry as required for banking transactions.

    Trusted Logic also develops and sells jTOP, the leading secure Java Card platform used in our (U)SIM products. Having reached Common Criteria EAL5+ assurance level, Trusted Logic's products can host secure banking applications directly on the (U)SIM.

    With Trusted Foundations Software allowing secure PIN code entry, a certified (U)SIM card to execute certified applications, and Trusted NFC, Trusted Logic now offers a unique end-to-end solution for rich and secure banking applications.

    Trusted User Interface

    With Trusted Foundations Software, the keyboard interface is implemented in such a way that PIN code entry is securely isolated from the device's main operating system. The PIN code can be transferred to the (U)SIM card through a secure channel, or sent to a server for online verification.

    Secure passwords can also be securely stored on the device, thanks to the secure storage implemented in Trusted Foundations Software. Trusted Foundations Software also provides other ways to secure the User Interface. At the Mobile World Congress, Trusted Logic is showcasing PIN Code entry on a smartphone's virtual keyboard. The virtual "randomized" keyboard is generated within Trusted Foundations Software, thanks to a web server's secure service. It is associated with a personalized security indicator shown on the screen – which the end user can choose and change, to increase user confidence. This solution is also very interesting to configure sensitive properties on-device.

    Trusted Foundations Software is already here!

    Trusted Foundations Software has gained strong acceptance and is commonly used to secure DRM on various platforms. The flexibility and performance of this environment, and its availability on several silicon vendors' platforms and devices, position Trusted Foundations Software as a key element to secure the mobile payment applications to come.

    Mr. Jean-Philippe Wary, Information Security Strategy Adviser at SFR, says: "With its Trusted Foundations Software, Trusted Logic meets the mobile e-transaction market's expectations for terminal security. By providing a technology that enables secure communication between all the components needed to deploy value-added services – (U)SIM cards, keyboard, screen, NFC, other Secure Elements – Trusted Logic provides the last component that was missing for the emergence of new businesses: a trusted user interface. Trusted Foundations Software, coupled with a SIM card certified at the level required by the banking market (see Trusted Logic – SFR announcement made at Cartes 2008), enables the safe deployment of mobile services – right now, and with the highest level of security requirements.

    Dominique Bolignano, CEO of Trusted Logic, comments: "Trusted Logic has been a pioneer in defining security requirements for the wireless industry. These requirements are now being implemented – with a strong boost from upcoming NFC deployments. The main target use case is mobile payment, but our technology supports any application. For years, we have been cooperating with silicon vendors and telecom operators. Trusted Foundations Software is the right product coming at the right time for them to deploy new applications. This is an outstanding step for our company."