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    The Phone House becomes first Dutch mobile retailer to offer immediate back-up and transfer of mobile data with Cellebrite’s UME-36Pro


    Cellebrite, a provider of carrier-grade mobile phone point-of-sale (POS) synchronization systems, today announced that Carphone Warehouse's Dutch group company, The Phone House has introduced Cellebrite's UME-36Pro across the Netherlands to enable customers to securely transfer personal mobile data when buying a new mobile phone.

    The Phone House is the first and only mobile retailer in the Netherlands to be able to offer an immediate back-up and transfer solution to customers at the point-of-sale (POS). Customers purchasing a new mobile handset at The Phone House store will be able to transfer personal data such as phonebook contacts, text messages, images, videos and other personal content from an old device to a newly purchased phone at the POS, eliminating the tedious and time consuming task of manually transferring data on to a mobile handset. 

    Using the UME-36Pro in stores, The Phone House can also offer customers the chance to backup mobile content to a 1 GB USB disk drive.

    "We are delighted that The Phone House has decided to take on the UME-36 to increase it's quality of service for customers," comments Yossi Carmil, Co-CEO of Cellebrite, "The close relationship between The Phone House and Cellebrite means that upcoming mobile handsets will be supported by the UME-36Pro before they are even launched onto the market providing Phone House with a strategic advantage over other mobile retailers in the market."