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    European operator takes on ariesoGEO


    Arieso, the mobile network optimisation specialist, has today announced that a European operator, part of a leading global group, will be rolling out ariesoGEO across its network. The software will be used to help pinpoint technical performance issues and help enhance network quality and the subscriber experience, while reducing network costs.

    ariesoGEO uses data transmitted by mobiles in the normal course of conducting a call and requires no additional hardware, such as GPS in handsets, to operate in real time or historical analysis mode. By geo-locating tens of millions of calls per minute, ariesoGEO creates a true-to-life picture of network performance as witnessed by subscribers, whether they are indoors or outdoors, in business or residential areas, any time of the day, any day of the week.

    The operator will use ariesoGEO Enterprise across its network to accurately pinpoint network problems such as dropped calls, poor signal strength or low data speed wherever they occur, including inside buildings. Through this network-wide deployment the operator will be able to enhance the customer experience and reduce expenditure substantially. As a result, the operator expects to save up to 60% of network problem resolution costs, comparable to the savings demonstrated in previous uses of ariesoGEO by other operators.

    "Information about customer location is very important in understanding how to save money and improve customer care. Knowing what the subscriber is experiencing, and being able to rectify issues quickly and efficiently, will give this operator a huge competitive advantage," said Paul Turner, VP Global Operations, Arieso. "ariesoGEO will help the operator accurately geo-locate network problems in order to reduce customer churn as well as network maintenance and deployment costs."

    Shirin Dehghan, CEO, Arieso, said, "It is a fantastic testament to our track record and the capabilities of our products that this operator has turned to Arieso to help maintain Quality of Service and reduce costs in its network. Being able to identify the actual network performance as experienced by subscribers wherever they may be, 100% of the time, is one of our unique strengths and will help our customers significantly improve their competitive position."