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    MTN Cyprus joins beta program for message master nx


    Derdack, a provider of mobile messaging platforms and notification workflow software, has announced that MTN Cyprus has become the first customer to sign up for the beta program for message master nx, the mobile messaging SDP. According to Derdack, the new product will enable operators to consolidate, optimise and better manage existing messaging services whilst providing a platform for greater innovation.

    MTN Cyprus, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Cyprus, is a current user of Derdack's message master xsp software, and will gain early access to the  platform that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile operators.

    Ioannis Michaelides, VAS Manager, MTN Cyprus said, "We were impressed with the innovative concept of Derdack's new product, as it addresses perfectly most of the messaging needs of mobile operators in fast evolving markets.  It further extends the wide range of messaging capabilities of the previous product version and bundles everything in a very well designed user interface.  I am looking forward to seeing how it will assist us even more in the development of new services for our clients."

    The beta program will allow users to test and experience the powerful new service centric functionality within message master nx. Users will provide valuable feedback allowing Derdack to further develop the service delivery platform and also to fix potential bugs.  The program will result in structured and direct feedback from those who have evaluated the new product.

    Matthes Derdack, Managing Director, of Derdack said, "The early innovators that we have spoken to are excited by the opportunity to consolidate multiple VAS services onto a single platform.  Once we explained the concept there were a number of operators who immediately recognised how message master nx offers something new and were interested in joining the program.  Feedback from the beta evaluation will give us validation that the concept and business model are correct and the functionality can deliver the promised benefits and we will shortly be issuing additional invites to selected operators as we expand the program."

    message master nx is said to be a complementary product to Derdack's message master xsp, the established product which enables businesses such as application service providers, media companies and financial institutions to design and roll out mobile messaging services. message master nx has been specifically developed to meet the requirements faced by operators, delivers greater business agility and more cost effective operational performance.